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Roof Cleaning in Alpena, MI

Roof cleaning alpena mi

We got a call from a customer located just outside of Alpena, Michigan. Her detached garage was in desperate need of a roof cleaning. The garage was located under a large tree which provided lots of shade to the shingles below. Moss, lichen, and black algae thrive in these conditions. Asphalt shingles contain limestone, which provides a good base for growths to start easily, if shade and moisture are present.

We follow the manufacturers guidelines and recommendations to clean the shingles, so we do not void the warranty of the shingle. We do not use a high pressure rinse or a scrub brush to remove the growth, doing so voids the warranty of your shingles and results in the loss of granular. We cleaned this roof with a heavy mix of our industrial grade bleach solution, which is biodegradable. Since the customer had plenty of plant-life below, we had to continuously wet the area below to ensure the solution did not damage any of the plants below. We also positioned catch systems to contain the runoff solution from the downspouts. To apply the solution we use a low pressure application called soft- washing. The solution is applied at a psi rating of 150-275psi. When we applied the solution to the shingles we saw instantaneous results. The moss and lichen turned snow white, whilst the black algae on the roof disappeared like a shadow in the night. Once we saw that all of the growths were dead on the roof, we were done cleaning. We continued to wet the plants for roughly 20 minutes after completion to ensure dilution of the solution. Lastly, we sprayed a ph neutralizer on the plants to promote growth and health. The customer was ecstatic with the results we were able to give her within such a short period of time. She called back 45 days later to let us know that all of the growths had fallen off the roof, and that we had saved her thousands of dollars on a roof replacement she did not need. Sometimes, your roof just needs a little TLC.

Call today to get a free estimate for a roof cleaning. We would love to help you save your roof and some money.

Budget: $600



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